Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to Relaxing into Meditation

I’m so glad you are here! You have successfully reached the classroom and we can begin.

I assume you might know a lot about relaxation and meditation already. But maybe there are some surprising elements here for you. I see in my own life that knowing about it and even applying mind-body practices in my work does not mean that I live in an integrated way in every moment. I may not remember relaxation in the situation I need to.

What I have noticed over the years is that many of us, especially long-term meditators, can feel that we want or should meditate more or in a different way. Easily we blame ourselves for not doing what we want to do and it somehow doesn’t get easier :). We feel that life is already full and challenging enough and we don’t need one more thing on our list.

Maybe we have read some nice books and articles, taken some classes or joined inspiring retreats and met great teachers, but we still don’t walk the talk, really.

This is why I’m offering this course, to help everyone find a relaxing way into a more calm and integrated life — and maybe more meditation too. A way that doesn’t need us to be disciplined or a good student. There are some simple things we can know and remember that will allow us to implement short breaks and restful time into our days.

Understanding how our mind, our biology, and our physiology influence what we do and how they affect us, we can enjoy our life more. With more ease and awareness many things we do can calm, or alternatively, even energize us. We can learn to understand and feel how and when we need another “successful break.” With each successful break comes more, good energy — no coffee required!

So, welcome to a fun and restful journey of 21 days, I’m looking forward to moving through these three weeks together with all of you!

Let’s enjoy 🙂


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