The Power of our Presence

Having observed our own style of relaxing and our own way of enjoying in the last two lessons, we have applied the skill of being present. With our presence we could really be there, notice and remember what we have experienced.

Simply being there, being aware of what is, that is the key to our consciousness. So often we are rushing about our days and  we don’t really experience the one present moment. This moment…and this…and this…are the small pieces that form our life.

If we allow ourselves to be present right here and right now, then we can also be aware, be mindful and meditate. Right here we can discover and enter the space of our mind. This is the place in which a lot of good things are waiting for us.

This is also the place we sometimes like to avoid, because scary and unpleasant things might be there. So again, we just observe how it is. Here is a little video that might help you by going along with it.

  • Find some moments during the day in which you allow yourself to stop and just be.
  • Notice what that feels like and see how just being present might change your experience.

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