Mindful Living

Allowing ourselves to be mindful of an activity enables us to enjoy its little details and its feel.

This is “being mindful” not because we think we’re supposed to, but because it’s interesting, it’s playful, it’s entering into enjoyment. Being “in the moment,” brings a sense of being fully alive. The only moment we can experience fully is this one!

The more we do that, the more we are really here, present right in our genuine world. We might discover that “here” is more fulfilling than we’d guessed.

  • Here is a 10-minute video that might inspire you.
  • While going about your day, find some moments or activities (seeing, listening, moving, talking, breathing, eating, drinking, smelling, touching, washing the dishes, walking down the street…) and experience them mindfully.
  • Naturally our mind wanders, so it’s great if you can be mindful again and again.
  • Notice what that feels like.

4 thoughts on “Mindfulness

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