Meditation 3

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is one of my favorite activities, because walking is already so integrated into our life. Just a slight change in intention changes an ordinary act into something rather extraordinary.

There are very many styles of walking meditation, using various speeds and points of focus, levels of formality and informality. It’s absolutely enough if you’d just like to apply mindfulness and awareness to your own way of walking. Simply start in a safe and simple environment and focus your eyes on the ground in front.

  • Be aware of your breath. It might help to close your eyes first to become aware of how you are standing and what you notice.
  • Then, when you feel ready, open your eyes, notice your feet and your body and start moving forward slowly and with small steps first. Use a pace that feels right to you — slowly, and with concentration, but it does not need to be a snail’s pace.
  • As you move your feet and your body, notice the different sensations in the soles of your feet, in your legs and body. Your breath is always there as an anchor in case you are looking for one.
  • Move in this way for a few minutes and if you notice that your mind has wandered just bring it back to the sensations of walking.
  • When you are done, notice for a moment what’s true now. What does it feel like in your body and mind?
  • Feel free to apply this technique in different passages as you move through your days. If you find your own pace and relaxed mode, this can be an oasis of calming and grounding wherever you go. You might be surprised to find that the sweet spot is just a tiny bit slower than you would usually go. 🙂

Sometimes it helps to read several different takes on a similar approach, with less or more detail. Something might click for us that didn’t before. Below are some further instructions that you may find useful in the video and the PDF.

A video to follow along with…

In case you’d prefer to watch a video with instruction you can find a relatively formal onehere. You can also enjoy the article about it here.



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