Guided Meditation

Formal sitting meditation


Choose a calm place you like, where you will not be disturbed during the time of the meditation. You can set up your meditation area in a nice way. Maybe you have some flowers or a candle, inspiring pictures, and other things you’d like to be surrounded by.


It can be helpful to find a time when you can meditate regularly. Many meditators like the morning before the day starts and the evening before they are too sleepy. For myself, the early morning is best, before thoughts and concerns about the day arise. And I also love to meditate in the evening when I’m done with everything and relaxed, but not too sleepy. And I like to meditate at other times as well 🙂


Choose a stable and relaxed posture, as we’ve talked about already. See if you can relax in this moment bit by bit and settle in. Check in with your body and then focus your attention for some time on your breath. Relax more and more into the here and now.


It might help to begin meditating by following a guided meditation first. This is an easy way to bring the mind into meditation, since thoughts and mind might have the tendency to move quickly at first. And following some guidance can be enjoyable and feel supportive. Just rest on the words and follow their inspiration.

We all have created habits that allow us to function well in daily life, but not to rest and relax when we are done with that. After meditating for some weeks you can see if you’d just like to sit in silence.

If you don’t like the guided meditation offered here, you can find numerous good ones in bookstores and online.

Enjoy meditating 🙂

Some suggestions:

  • A guided meditation video by Mingyur Rinpoche (7 minutes)
  • list of short guided meditations
  • Free audio meditations by Tara Brach
  • A list of guided meditations from MBSR (mindfulnes-based stress reduction)

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