Completing the Circle

At the end of a beautiful journey

We slowly approach the end of this course. Whoever has joined the course has unlimited access to it into the future, and sign up is still possible until the 21st of July.

I can’t believe how fast the time went by. Nevertheless there is still something to discover here.

In some way this is a journey without end. Our life, especially our life on the path of conscious awareness, continues with new experiments, discoveries, and insights.

Many of us might have the tendency to jump into the next project right after finishing the last. But if we really notice what’s happening in this moment, we can experience the transition in a very natural way. We can notice phases of relaxation, recovery, and openness, if we allow ourselves to slowly finish one thing. Slowly finishing has many hidden benefits.

Celebrating the end, the success really, allows us for a moment to look back and review our effort, activity, and our experience there. Maybe we don’t want to finish up with the course, but to keep it as a work-in-progress project. Nevertheless we can review our time together here and step into the next phase.

In general everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Again we meet natural rhythms. A day begins with its morning, peaks at high noon, and calms down towards the evening. Experiencing and enjoying these phases as they come and go we can consciously participate and meet the different moments.

The evening enables us to review and acknowledge what has been and what we did. This kind of celebrating allows us to bring our mind home and let our energies settle and recharge themselves. Then a new day and new projects can come naturally.

I hope in this lesson you can find some inspiration for that 🙂


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