Some suggestions for you

We’ve moved together through a period of discovery and I hope it was interesting, fun, and has left you with some helpful methods.

The path into meditation I’ve described here, starting with more conscious awareness and relaxation, is not the right approach for everyone. Some of us naturally have a more active nature and will gravitate towards a more active path. Also, if we’re in a period of much stress and nervousness we might feel resistance towards sitting still and cultivating moments of observing the mind. At these times, a bit more of an outward focus of attention might be more helpful: bringing more mindfulness to activities (rather than to the mind itself); taking short breaks within activity to breathe mindfully; and a naturally paced walking meditation (rather than moving too slowly).

Trying to find peace of mind might not work at all. Very quickly we might find ourselves frustrated. But the same neurological system that causes our body to relax can be activated in many other ways, too.

Below you can find links to more materials and some ideas. These can help you to discover different approaches and meditations.

Tomorrow we will meet again. There is a surprise waiting for you 🙂


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