Feedback and Bonuses

Feedback and Bonuses

I have been really surprised about the active participation here. Though it is quite a commitment if a course is going on every day for three weeks, there was a lot going on here. I’m really happy about that. Also the feedback I’ve received from you so far really showed me that you applied the material in your life.

  • This course and much more is available on my website Also you can sign up here for my monthly newsletter, if you like to receive information about my next free projects.
  • In case you would like to read more about these topics and practices you can find more in my blog here.
  • The first of these is another course about selfcare, Joy and Ease. If you would be interested in trying this out I would be happy to welcome you into the group.
  • It would be very helpful if you could answer these 7 questions I have prepared. This will help me to improve the course for the future.
  • And a twelve little inspirations and more follows:)

Thank you so much for your participation!


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