Relaxing into Meditation

Have you ever spent three weeks with tiny bits of relaxation and meditation sprinkled in throughout your days? Did you know that the human nervous system allows us to feel better and be more energetic, if we do so?

I’m Anka Hoerster. As a teacher, coach, and nurse I support smart and sensitive people who are struggling with stress and overwhelm and who really want to find their way back home to more integration, balance and love.

Born as a curious, sensitive, and joyful child, I was encouraged to explore the world by my loving parents and healthy environment. I studied different arts, eventually receiving a Master’s degree in education, and meanwhile traveled the world by bicycle.

During many years working as a musician and nurse, my love for truth, depth, and wisdom grew and guided me to seven years of full-time meditation retreat within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. There I received a thorough training in meditation and in the view that supports and underlies it.


Having studied and practiced meditation, yoga, and different coaching and somatic methods intensively, I wish to work and benefit others in our culture with those very same skills. This wish has led me to work especially with people who are dealing with the confusion of modern life, physical health issues, and stress of different kinds.

In my work with the elderly and dying, I’ve learned about the depth and potential of our challenges. I am frequently amazed by the lives and wisdom of my clients, and I love to join them in their reflections and growth from their experiences.

I love to listen and I love to inspire slightly different approaches. It’s a great pleasure of my work to watch others’ clarity, presence and wisdom bloom.

In my own life I see that even knowing a bit about relaxation and applying mind-body practices in my work does not mean that I live in an integrated way in every moment.
However, even our normal workdays can energize us if we add tiny bits of of restorative activity. Exploring and understanding our individual mind, our biology, and our physiology we can see what to do and how it will influence us in many positive ways.

So, in the free online course Resting into Meditation I’m inviting you to a simple but effective, fun and restful journey of about one month, in which you can explore and play with your own ways to relax, enjoy, and maybe even meditate. Also my free e-book Meditative Skills – Ancient Wisdom for Every Day might inspire you to live in a slightly more joyful and relaxed way.

And I’m looking forward to connect with you here if you like,

Enjoy your time here!



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