Online Course – Relaxing into Meditation

Have you ever spent three weeks with tiny bits of relaxation and meditation sprinkled in throughout your days? Did you know that the human nervous system allows us to feel better and be more energetic, if we do so?

I see in my own life that even knowing a bit about relaxation and applying mind-body practices in my work does not mean that I live in an integrated way in every moment.
However, even our normal workdays can energize us if we add tiny bits of of restorative activity. Exploring and understanding our individual mind, our biology, and our physiology we can see what to do and how it will influence us in many positive ways.

So, I’m inviting you to a simple but effective, fun and restful journey of about one month, in which we explore and play with our own ways to relax, enjoy, and maybe even meditate.

I’m looking forward to moving through these four weeks together with all of you!

Enjoy your time here!


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